About the Author

          Emma K. C. Couette is a Canadian wordsmith whose second passion is woodworking. She has written a few award-winning short stories and dabbles in poetry when the inspiration strikes her. Her dreams include travelling the world, being a mom, and owning a small library. Silent Night is her debut novel, the first of many adventures.

Beta Reviews

"When you actually feel fear, the presence of an assassin, and your hairs stand up, you know it's a great book!" 

          - James Matthews

"When intensity and a war to end worlds isn't enough, throw in an assassin learning to forgive herself when nothing is as it seems and enemies lie in shadows. Sacred Ruse is a fantastic sequel to a story that left me craving more. Silent Night was only the beginning and Sacred Ruse sets the stakes." - Ashley KW

"Assassins. Knives. Family. Friends. You feel the emotions and the energy woven into the sequel of the journey begun in Silent Night. An epic middle to an adrenaline packed trilogy." - Rachel

About the Book

Some say the assassins have disappeared

but Quinn knows better than to believe it.


          Haven City is a warzone. The streets are burning, paranoia is rampant, and death is more prominent than ever. The Resistance has retreated and the Assassin’s Guild seems to have faded into nothing, but the war has only just begun.

          The Charger will not give up easily, not now that he’s gotten into Silent Night’s head.


          Quinn is ready to leave Silent Night in the past and embrace her future with the Resistance, but not until the Charger pays for the wrongs he’s dealt, not until the Guild is dust under her feet.

          Victory is easier said than done as unexpected consequences from her previous battles force Quinn to the sidelines once again. Relationships, old and new, test her resolve, and trust seems as out of reach as ever.

          As truths unfold and her life spirals out of her control, Quinn will find solace in the notion that she is not the only monster in Haven and will put every effort into ending the Charger, even if it kills her.

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