Emma K. C. Couette is a Canadian wordsmith whose second passion is woodworking. She has written a few award-winning short stories and dabbles in poetry when the inspiration strikes her. Her dreams include travelling the world, being a mom, and owning a small library. Silent Night is her debut novel, the first of many adventures.

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          I try to post 4 times a month with content for my readers and fellow writers. I share my quarterly goals on the blog too, as well as reviews for the books I read. Other topics include: burnout, the importance of reading as a writer, and a post detailing yours truly. You can give them a read on my Blog page. My three most recent posts are featured below.

My Books

My debut novel, Silent Night, a YA Dystopian, and it's sequel,

Sacred Ruse are available for purchase in ebook and paperback right now.

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