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Quote that says, "I am an author."
Black and white photo of author Emma K. C. Couette
Quote that says, "My stories deserve to be told."

          Emma K. C. Couette is a Canadian wordsmith whose second passion is woodworking. She has written a few award-winning short stories and dabbles in poetry when the inspiration strikes her. Her dreams include travelling the world, being a mom, and owning a small library. Her published books include Silent Night, Sacred Ruse, Solemn Vow, and Assassins Below (books 1-3.5 in the Guild Trilogy), and Summer's Revenge, book 1 in the Fidalian Chronicles.

Learn more about her here: 

Check Out The Blog

          I am taking a hiatus from my blog at this time, but you can find plenty of content on this page including reviews for the books I read, advice for fellow writers and readers, and my series on how to self-publish. My three most recent posts are featured below.

3d image of Assassins Below hardcover book

New Release!

Assassins Below is a short story collection comprised of 8 stories that take place before, during, and after the Guild Trilogy. The stories are told in alternating POVs featuring all the important characters from the main books and shedding light on some moments of the story we never actually had the chance to see.

You can purchase now in ebook, paperback, and hardcover on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, Scribd, and more!

My Books

Silent Night, Sacred Ruse, and Solemn Vow are books 1-3

of my YA dystopian series, The Guild Trilogy.

Summer's Revenge is the first book in my new YA fantasy series, The Fidalian Chronicles.

You can purchase all four in ebook and paperback right now, and Summer's Revenge in hardcover. Links provided.  For full blurbs and more information, click the link below.

Cover image of Silent Night book
Cover image of Sacred Ruse book
Cover image of Solemn Vow book
Cover image of Summer's Revenge book

Special Editions

          Introducing the new special edition hardcovers of the Guild Trilogy books! As you can see, each comes with an exclusive dust jacketed cover. Other special inclusions are a map of Haven City, fancy chapter headers and scene breaks, new short stories, and extra content like character art, deleted scenes, and playlists!

          These three hardcovers can now be bought in all their glory almost anywhere books are sold, including signed copies on my Etsy shop. Click the links for a full list of vendors.

3d image of Silent Night hardcoverbook
3d image of Sacred Ruse hardcoverbook
3d image of Solemn Vow hardcoverbook

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