Summer's Revenge

This book is the first book in The Fidalian Chronicles, a young adult fantasy series, and I will be publishing it this summer on July 21. Draft 12 is currently with my editor (Nicki Richards of Richards Corrections) and MoorBooks Design in working on the cover art. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to see any reveals and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more.


Two kingdoms, two seasons, and a feud as old as the realm itself.

          Prince Isanfier and Princess Skiansy of Summer were four years old when their parents were murdered in their sleep. Twelve years have passed since, but the tragedy has not lost its sting, and Isan is determined to avenge them. He suspects the assassin hails from within the icy clutches of Winter, a kingdom that has always wanted to bring Summer to its knees.


          When his uncle, King Arkenier, declares war, Isan sees it as the perfect opportunity to give Winter what it deserves, while his sister fears it will plunge the entire realm into chaos. Isan is willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge, but he is unprepared for the challenges he will face along the way. 

          His quest will test his strength — both mental and physical —  as he braves the Edgewood, fights battles on snow covered fields, and learns of a curse that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.


How far will Isan’s vengeance take him and will he even recognize himself

in the mirror when it is all said and done?

Patron Goddess of Winter.

Goddess of travelers, rivers, sleep, the moon, and death.

Patron Goddess of Summer.

Goddess of the sun, vegetation, the sea, hunting, and animals.

Main Characters

Isanfier: the Crown Prince of Summer

Skiansy: Isan's twin sister

Arkenier: the King of Summer, Isan's uncle

Frost: the King of Winter

Asmund: the son of Lord Arrath of Summer

Echo: the Missing One

Patron Goddess of Autumn.

Goddess of war, forests, love, fire, and darkness.

Patron Goddess of Spring.

Goddess of healing, light, art, fertility, and children.

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