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Project Petra

Disclaimer: This book is a work in progress.

While I do have hopes to publish it in the future, I do not currently have a timeline for said publication.


I am currently doing the first draft of this book. It is a fantasy, a genderbent retelling of Peter Pan. I haven't decided yet what age group I'm writing for. I'm writing the book by hand and have done the majority of my work for it during Camp Nanowrimo. I have done over a hundred pages so far.

Named Characters So Far

Petra Pan: our young heroine

Captain Pan: captain of the Jolly Roger, father to Petra

Smee: Pan's first mate

Wendy Darling: a girl Petra saved from the Fey

Crewmen: Will, Bram, Thomas, Finn, Leander, March, Orion, Galen


Working Blurb

Welcome to the Never Realm where mermaids with sharp teeth and claws feast on human flesh and wingless faeries bring stolen children to mine pixie dust so they can fly again. 

This isn’t the Neverland you remember.


          Twenty years ago, the Jolly Roger and its crew fell through a portal and landed on the shores of the Island. They learned the dangers of the Never realm the hard way, but they also discovered how to escape. They just have to steal enough pixie dust to make it happen.

          Sixteen years ago, a faerie dropped Petra onto the deck of the Jolly Roger and left her to die, never dreaming that Captain Pan would save the child and raise her as his own. Now Petra is a young woman with a sharp wit and a curious mind, dreaming of a world she has never seen.

          When a piece of that lost world lures Petra onto the Island and into the faeries clutches, she has no idea of the real dangers that await. The Island is a ticking time bomb, every day taking a year off your life. Leaving the Island will become a death sentence, if they faeries don’t kill her first


Will Captain Pan find her in time or will he lose the one thing in this realm he’s managed to find?

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