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Some say there's not much in Haven City left to fight for, but to the Resistance and the Assassin's Guild, the war is far from over.

          In a future world, the skyscrapers of Haven City have crumbled and the government of today is no more. Death lurks around every corner and tomorrow is not promised. The Resistance and the Assassin's Guild fight for control of the city, but after decades of a silent war, no one expects victory.

          In this lawless city, enemies are abundant, but three people are feared above all: the Charger, Black Death, and the mysterious assassin called Silent Night.

          Silent Night has spent her whole life clawing her way to the top of the assassin list and has reached second place at the age of 18. She is days away from becoming Agent One when the tables are turned and a horrible truth is revealed.

          The next day, Silent Night seeks out the Resistance, to aid in the destruction of the Assassin's Guild.

          Silent Night expects hatred and mistrust from her former enemies, but one boy will surprise her and that boy might just be the death of her.

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Some say the assassins have disappeared,

but Quinn knows better than to believe it.

          Haven City is a warzone. The streets are burning, paranoia is rampant, and death is more prominent than ever. The Resistance has retreated and the Assassin’s Guild seems to have faded into nothing, but the war has only just begun.

          The Charger will not give up easily, not now that he’s gotten into Silent Night’s head.


          Quinn is ready to leave Silent Night in the past and embrace her future with the Resistance, but not until the Charger pays for the wrongs he’s dealt, not until the Guild is dust under her feet.

          Victory is easier said than done as unexpected consequences from her previous battles force Quinn to the sidelines once again. Relationships, old and new, test her resolve, and trust seems as out of reach as ever.

          As truths unfold and her life spirals out of her control, Quinn will find solace in the notion that she is not the only monster in Haven and will put every effort into ending the Charger, even if it kills her.

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Some say the war is over, that the assassins have won,
but the Resistance will not die quietly.

Available Now
Ebook, Paperback, or Hardcover

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All aesthetics created by me using pictures from Pinterest. My page is linked in the footer. I hope you enjoy these glimpses of my characters.  Blake's is my favourite : )

Silent Night

Nicknames: Silent, Night, Indigo

Age: 18

Rank: Agent Two

Weapon of Choice: Hand Gun

Eye colour: Blue

Hair: Short and black, blue streak

Height: Five feet 6 inches

Likes: Books, clothes, weapons, and loud music

Ajax Forrester

Nicknames: Jax, Jax man

Age: 19

Rank: Resistance soldier, 3rd Level

Weapon of Choice: Rifle

Eye colour: Blue

Hair: Short and scraggly, brown

Height: Six feet 4 inches

Likes: Books, classical music, and people.

Blake Solarin

Nicknames: Blakey

Age: 19

Rank: Resistance soldier, 2nd Level

Weapon of Choice: Battle Axe

Eye colour: Brown

Hair: Long and straight, dark brown

Height: Five feet 8 inches

Likes: Clothes, shoes, weapons, children and books.

Sebastian Xavier Foster

Nicknames: Bast, Seb, Bastian

Age: 17

Rank: Resistance soldier, 2nd Level

Weapon of Choice: Crossbow

Eye colour: Brown

Hair: Long reddish brown curls

Height: Five feet 4 inches

Likes: Loud music, food, parties, games, and jokes

Sephtis Aeron

Other Titles: the Charger, Black Death

Age: 48

Rank: Master Assassin

Weapon of Choice: Words

Eye colour: Black

Hair: Black

Height: Six feet, 5 inches

Likes: Power, violence, strategy games

Trey Marceau Ballinger

Age: 29

Rank: Avery's second

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair: Black

Height: Six feet

Likes: Chess, gambling, family

Kuen Sephtis Aeron

Age: 31

Rank: Lone wolf (formerly Agent One at the Guild)

Weapon of Choice: battleaxe or fists

Eye colour: Blue

Hair: Dirty Blond

Height: Six feet, 4 inches

Likes: Loud music, crowds, fixing things

Age: 46

Rank: Leader of the Resistance

Weapon of Choice: the mind

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair: Black

Height: Six feet, 5 inches

Likes: Sience, riddles, technology

Age: 42

Rank: Jenson's 2nd at the Resistance

Weapon of Choice: Power

Eye colour: Blue

Hair: Dark brown

Height: Six feet, 4 inches

Likes: Power, games, combat



"Some [people] remember the rebels who once owned these streets, but all fear the assassins the rebels left behind. People can sense our presence. They see it in the abandoned bungalows with ripped curtains and unkempt lawns. They see it in the buildings turned to rubble, red staining the dusty remains. They feel it in the silence, in the emptiness. Nothing thrives here except for the destruction we create."


"I find myself in front of a two-story, decrepit warehouse. The metal walls are rusted and warped. The second floor windows have cracked and foggy glass. One is missing its entire pane, plastic put up in its stead. It ripples in the breeze. 


I wasn’t aware the Resistance was a dump."


"The buildings around us droop, like flowers after a hard rain. Porches sag and lean, as if trying to escape the damage. Roofs are as tattered as the coats beggars pull tighter against the wind.

Haven is faded. What colour that manages to pop through the cracked sidewalks is out of place. Haven City is a graveyard just waiting for the rest of us to call it quits, and it won’t hesitate to help us get there quicker."

The Assassin's Guild

Leader: Sephtis Aeron

Location: South End of Haven City

Numbers: Unknown

Mission: Eradicate the Resistance and take over Haven

The Guild is home to Haven's assassins, descendants of the assassins from the civil war of 2030 and criminals they have recruited along the way. The Guild is underground, accessed by secret tunnels with various traps to keep prying eyes away. The Guild has many caverns and minimal light or decoration, very much like a military barrack. The assassins obtain their food from raiding the supply train or stealing directly from the Farms. The Guild is a dictatorship under the Charger, whose true identity as the lethal assassin, Black Death, is the Guild's most guarded secret.

The Resistance

Leader: Avery Norin

Location: North End of Haven City

Numbers: Unknown

Mission: Eradicate the Assassin's Guild and return Haven City to its former glory

The Resistance houses the remnants of Haven's soldiers from the civil war of 2030 as well as their families. The Resistance has two bases: the Warehouse and the Barn. Both bases are underground, but are state of the art, unlike the Guild. The Resistance is full of light and is very clinical. The Resistance also has the best technology in the city and the only true working medical facility. Food is recieved for the Farms by way of underground tunnels in exchange for an armed gaurd on the train whenever it travels to and from the city with supplies. The location of both bases is the most guarded secret of the organization. The Resistance is a democracy under Avery Norin and his Second, Jenson.

Haven City

Leader: Various Mayors

Location: In the south of a country once known as Canada

Population: Around 85,000

Haven was a grand city in its youth, before civil war tore it apart for twenty years. In 2030, the current mayor was assassinated by rebels that sought the Jewel of the North for themselves. The Resistance was formed out of Haven Soldiers and Citizen Volunteers to combat the rebels. The rebels eventually recruited mercenaries to expidite their war efforts who established an underground base in the city's south end, a south end ruled by the rebels. The war comes to an end in 2050, with the Resistance emerging victorious. The rebels retreat, leaving their mercenaries behind to their fate and so the Assassin's Guild is born.

The war leaves behind a worn and tattered city with its people just barely getting by. The innovations of the 'modern age' have been all but forgotten. Survival is the mission of every citizen now. Just one more day. One more day.




          I'm not sure what you guys have come up with for a ship name already, but really the only other option was Quax, which just makes me think of ducks so... Ajinn it is.

          Ajax and Silent have an interesting relationship. Enemies to friends, to lovers, to enemies, to . . . ? I know I left you on a cliffhanger, but I promise you that if they survive, their relationship will continue to grow organically in book 2. 

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