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"Who is Emma K. C. Couette?"

Hey guys, my name is Emma and I'm the self published author of young adult dystopian novels, Silent Night, Sacred Ruse, Solemn Vow & Assassins Below, and young adult fantasy novels, Summer's Revenge and Winter's Wrath.


On this Website, I share my writing and publishing journey through my Blog, as well as content for readers. On my Top 10 page, you can find reviews for my all time favourite books/series.

Want to know more about my novels? Check out the My Books page : )

I send out monthly Newsletters with reading and writing content, so join my mailing list! I also gift you a free Fidalian short story immediately after signing up.

Looking for more? You can find me on Instagram, Threads, TikTok, Facebook and more in the footer below or on Wattpad at emma_the_writer_ .

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