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Emma K. C. Couette - Solemn Vow.jpg

A young adult dystopian series that takes place in a future where society is crumbling. In Haven City, the Resistance and the Assassin's Guild fight for what's eft. We follow 18 year old female assassin, Silent Night, whose plans to become Agent One are derailed when she discovers a horrible truth about her past. What comes next is her journey towards the light as she joins the Resistance and must decide whether she's helping them for her own gain or actually cares about their cause to save Haven. Plenty of action, morally grey characters, and an enemies to lovers romantic subplot.

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Summer's Revenge - Ebook Cover.jpg
23-147 Emma KC Couette Winter’s Wrath.jpg

A young adult fantasy series that takes place in a realm divided by the seasons. We follow 16 year old Crown Prince Isanfier of Summer, whose main goal in life is to avenge his parents and become a ruler they can be proud of. When his uncle, King Darkenier declares war, Isan sees it as the perfect opportunity to achieve his dreams, but along the way he'll discover a lot more than he ever bargained for. Full of action, magic, sibling banter, and royal intrigue. A dash of romance in books 2 and 3.

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