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2022 Favourite Reads

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I know it's been a long time since I last made a post, and I don't know how often I'll post in the future, but I thought this would be a good topic to start and get back into things. So without further ado, here is a discussion of the best books I read in 2022. These titles are listed in no particular order, but I will tell you that Gallant was, without a doubt, my favourite read of the year with The Inheritance Games coming in right behind it.

1. A Little Beside You - Jenni Sauer

(5 stars)

I read Jenni's debut novel, Rook Di Goo, in 2021 and completely fell in love with her world and characters. A Little Beside You is a companion novel that takes place in the same world, after the events of book 1, and while it features a new cast of characters, one of my faves from Rook Di Goo does make an appearance. Each of Jenni's stories in the Everaft Galaxy series are based off of fairytales and this one is a Snow White and Rose Red retelling. I loved it from start to finish. It had a beautiful romance while talking about tragedy and healing. My favourite part was probably the healthy and realistic sibling relationship between Meg and Cori. They made me cry.

2. Ready Player Two - Ernest Cline

(5 stars)

This is a sequel, so I can't say much, but I will say you have to give this book time to grow on you. It had a slow start and was much different from Ready Player One, but I think it was important to teach us that money and fame can't solve the worlds problems if you don't take time to solve your internal problems first. Read this book to the end before you judge it because it picks up around halfway and then made me cry when I finished it. Wade, Aech, Artemis, and Shoto will always have my heart.

3. The Inheritance Games - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

(5 stars)

This book blew my expectations out of the water! I could not read it fast enough and immediately went on to book 2. If you're looking for a fast paced book that is equal parts mystery, romance, and sabatoge, then this series is for you. It's like Dynasty meets The 39 Clues or something. The plot had me guessing at every turn and suspecting everyone, and the plot twists had me gasping out loud and texting my friend in all CAPS. Seriously, go read this book.

4. The Iron Sword - Julie Kagawa

(5 stars)

If you don't know by now, The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa has my whole heart. It inspired my first novel and these characters are like family. So when Julie wrote another trilogy set in the same universe, with all my faves, I HAD to read it. This is book 2 of said trilogy and my god, I loved it. We get to be in Ash's POV once more, which was super cool, and I did not see that ending coming at all. I am very scared that someone important is going to die in book 3 but I sincerely hope Puck finally gets the happy ending he deserves.

5. Empire of The Vampire - Jay Kristoff

(4.5 stars)

Another book that was slow to get into, but when it picks up, it takes you by the throat. Like holy sh**. Those plot twists were insane and I am still thinking about that ending almost 5 months later. I love stories about anti-heroes and old grumps with traumatic back stories who are begrudgingly forced to protect a younger character and inevitably grow attached to them. I love that. The only downside of the book was the massive amount of swearing, the heavy world building, and the back and forth timeline of the plot, but overall, an amazing read and I need Volume 2 stat.

6. The Anthropocene Reviewed - John Green

(5 stars)

John Green is one of my top 3 favourite authors and his books never let me down. This one was no exception. I've never read his nonfiction before but I loved this book. It's a collection of opinion essays on everyday things ranging from Canadian Geese and Dr. Pepper, to the Indy 500 and the Internet, all through the lens of the 21st century and its changes. The book was the right amount of humour and philosophy and I definitely recommend it.

7. Beasts That Never Slumber - Aldara Thomas

(5 stars)

Another sequel that blew me out of the water. Honestly, this book was slow and long, but the build up was SO WORTH IT. I still can't even believe the plot twists and the way the book ended. I just know the third and final book is going to be intense and I cannot wait.

8. Gallant - V. E. Schwab

(5 stars)

A masterpiece from start to finish. I will buy whatever V. E. Schwab writes, so I wasn't exactly sure to expect from this one, but it did not disappoint. This was a beautiful gothic tale about a lonely girl and family and finding your path and letting go and the truth that some doors, no matter how tantalizing, should remain closed. It was sad and yet full of hope, and such an interesting book to read given that the main character was mute and one of the most important characters she meets can't read.

9. The Fabric of Chaos - Helen Scheuerer

(4.5 stars)

This was book 3 in a series that just keeps getting better. If you love epic fantasy, I definitely recommend this tale about a young female cyren outcast who joins the deadly competition for the crown. This book had so many heart stopping moments and I have no idea how the characters are going to prevail in the final book after what they lost.

10. Small Favors - Erin A. Craig

(4.5 stars)

Reading this book is like watching a train wreck; it horrifies you, but you can't look away. This book was haunting and creepy and made my skin crawl, and yet I read it in 2 days. I just needed to know what happened next. I've discovered that Fantasy Horror is a previously untapped gem and now I can't get enough. I definitely don't recommend reading this book at night, but it keeps you guessing and makes you count your blessings.

And there you have it! An eclectic array of books that captivated me last year and a list of recommendations for all of you : ) I am excited to see what this year brings for me in terms of reading and if you'd like to keep tabs on my progress and reviews, follow me on Goodreads at the link below!

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