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2019 First Quarter Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re as excited as I am for what this year will bring! I hope you’re out there learning and planning and growing and living, and making the most out of every day. Today I’m bringing you my second quarterly goals post. So let’s get into it.

Last quarter, I accomplished 7/10 goals, so I consider that a win. I started and finished the Critique Partner process. I wrote drafts 3 and 4 of my novel. I continued and finished my plans for the Beta Reading process. I also vamped up my Website and survived my first semester of College. It was a very productive 2 months, seeing as I didn’t make my quarterly goals until the end of October. Don’t mind me. Just making things up at the last minute...

My goals for this quarter(Jan, Feb, and March) are as follows:

  1. Read

  2. Launch my monthly Newsletter!

  3. Start and maybe finish the Beta Reading process

  4. Do blog posts fairly regularly

  5. Host monthly live chats on Instagram (check out my new members page for details)

  6. Do Editor, Cover Art, and Kindle Direct Publishing research

  7. Watch YouTube videos about writing

  8. Listen to writing Podcasts

  9. Look into other media outlets for my author platforms

  10. Start/continue a new project?

Aside from these main goals, I also hope to succeed in school, be kinder to myself, make healthier food choices, stay hydrated, and journal daily. That gives me a total of 15 goals. Can I do it? You’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll let you guys know in April how I did and in the meantime, you can check out my monthly goal posts on Instagram at emmathewriter, if you’re interested. Or, you can subscribe to my shiny new newsletter and get info first hand from yours truly, along with access to my shiny new members page : )

Let me know what your guys’ goals are in the comments! Keep in touch and drop me a line if you need advice/encouragement. Embrace the new year and as always, keep writing.

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