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2020 Third 1/4 Goals

So we survived the first half of 2020. Crazy right. One of my favourite memes right now is this one that says, "Guess nobody had 2020 vision". There are new things happening every day, but I think growth is important. This next quarter is full of exciting bookish things and I can't wait to share it all with you.

I accomplished 13/15 writing goals in the first quarter of 2020, which is awesome. I wrote all my blogs posts out ahead of time, finished the Beta Reading process for Sacred Ruse (Guild Trilogy 2), did draft 5 and 6 of Sacred Ruse, sent Sacred Ruse to my editor, looked into Beta for Project Summer, announced my Street Team, researched ebook ARCs, marketed for Silent Night, held a sale for Silent Night, prepared monthly member freebies, continued draft 1 of Project Petra, and did a fast read through of book 3 in the Guild Trilogy.

I also completed 4/8 personal goals, but in my defense, some of these goals involved actually being able to go places, like church, so it's not my fault.

My goals for the 3rd quarter of 2020 (July, August, and September) are as follows:

  • Read 8 books

  • Write all my blog posts ahead of time

  • Continue Beta Reading process for Project Summer

  • Draft 7 of Sacred Ruse

  • Format Sacred Ruse

  • Send out ARCs of Sacred Ruse

  • Manage my Street Team

  • Proofread Sacred Ruse

  • Get all my Sacred Ruse merch

  • Host a pre-order giveaway for Sacred Ruse

  • Write 15,000 words of Project Petra for Camp Nanowrimo

  • Secret Goal

  • Market for Silent Night

  • Reach 20 reviews of Silent Night

Aside from the above writing related goals, I also have 8 personal goals:

  • Be kind to myself

  • Eat healthier

  • Cook

  • Drink more water

  • Create a new gym schedule

  • Stay calm during the second half of Semester 1

  • Be more spiritual

  • Budget

This gives me a total of 22 goals. I'm still in my first semester of college and I work 25 hours a week, but I think I can get it done because I'm excited to get it done.

I’ll update my progress in October, when things should start to slow down for me again, slightly. In the meantime, you can check out my monthly goal posts on Instagram at emmathewriter, if you’re interested. Or, you can subscribe to my newsletter and get info first hand from yours truly, along with access to my members page : )

Let me know what your guys’ goals are in the comments! Keep in touch and drop me a line if you need advice/encouragement. Have a great second quarter and as always, keep writing.

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