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Book Review: Mistborn

"Once, a hero arose to save the world. A young man with a mysterious heritage courageously challenged the darkness that strangled the land.

He failed.

For a thousand years since, the world has been a wasteland of ash and mist ruled by the immortal emperor known as the Lord Ruler. Every revolt has failed miserably.

Yet somehow, hope survives. Hope that dares to dream of ending the empire and even the Lord Ruler himself. A new kind of uprising is being planned, one built around the ultimate caper, one that depends on the cunning of a brilliant criminal mastermind and the determination of an unlikely heroine, a street urchin who must learn to master Allomancy, the power of a Mistborn."

(Blurb taken from the back of the book. All credit to the author, Brandon Sanderson, and his publisher)

I'm still struggling to find words to describe this book. It destroyed me in all the best ways. It sucked me in and wouldn't go. It left me with that empty feeling, that feeling of wondering what you can possibly do with your life now that it's over.

The characters were so real and relatable. Kelsier was my favourite from the start; I'm a sucker for a leader of a thieving crew. I will never get tired of this trope. Then there were other characters that I didn't much care for at the start, but they definitely grew on me.

The world is also richly detailed, so much so that you can see yourself in the ash covered streets, you can feel the presence of the Lord Ruler. The city of Luthadel is firmly cemented in my imagination.

The intrigue! The plot twists! The magic system! Oh the magic was so well done. It sounds strange at first, so I'll let you discover it for yourself but it was brilliant.

I will never stop singing praises for this book and I will be picking up book 2 as soon as I piece my heart back together.

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