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Silent Night's Guide to Surviving the Assassin's Guild

As promised, here is my post written from the POV of one of my characters. I did a poll on my Instagram stories and Silent (the MC of the Guild Trilogy) won by a landslide. I hope you guys like this post and let me know if you want to see something like this again in the future!

Disclaimer: the following content is fictional in nature and is not meant to be taken as the personal views of the author

Hey, Agent. Yes you over there with the deer-caught-in-headlights look. What in the Guild do you think you’re trying to pull? I saw you talking back to that other Agent earlier. Do you have a death wish?

Listen, I don’t care what the bastard said to you, the simple truth is this: acting like that is a short trip to a deep grave. I should know. I’ve put people in their place before for less.

Now, I have a few tips if you’re interested, but I won’t say them again, so you better pay attention and no, this doesn’t mean I like you. This doesn’t mean I’ll protect you. Cross me and I will kill you; no questions asked.

Rule number 1: Never talk back to an Agent above your rank, unless you’re prepared to kill them. The slightest provocation can have you flat on your back in seconds. Higher rankings must be earned through blood and not just the blood of your assigned victims. The more assassins you kill, the better. I lost track years ago of the number I’ve killed, but Hai is the last on my personal list. Once he’s pushing up daisies, I’ll take his spot as Agent One. So provoke higher ranked assassins at your own risk; they’ve taken plenty of lives to get where they are and you will just be another name added to an ever-growing tally, a smudge in their kill history. You won’t matter to them in the grand scheme of things, so make your moves count. Don’t waste your life on your ego.

Rule number 2: Never turn your back on someone you don’t trust, and in this line of work, that means everyone. We’re all backstabbers who use each other to reach our goals. Like I said earlier, you can’t even trust me. I could be lying through my teeth, but I’ll let you make that judgement for yourself. The easiest place to be attacked is the Grand Cavern, so I wouldn’t sit in the middle of the room if I were you. People seem to let their guards down when they eat – a stupid move, if you ask me. Pick a table near the edge of the Cavern or better yet, lean against the wall when you eat. Sure, you could get cornered, but at least you’ll see the bastard coming.

Rule number 3: Do not return to the Guild until your mission is complete. There are no excuses you could give the Charger. If your victim is not dead, you do not get to come home. The Charger will torture you before killing you and add your skull to the collection in his office. If you didn’t want this job, you never should’ve come here. If you intend to help people walk free… Guild help you because the Charger will find out. He always does. He might not let on he knows for a week, a month, a year, but the truth will out and you will wish you had killed yourself instead. You may not succeed the first time, but you cannot give up. In the end, it is either your life or theirs, and you know which path you will take.

Rule number 4: Always refer to the Master Assassin as “the Charger”. The Charger has many names, but only a select few are allowed to know them all. You will address him as Master in person, but get used to The Charger in your head because it is essential that this instinct is ingrained into you. If you are captured by the Resistance, they must not find out who you are or who you work for. The Charger will find you and kill you anyway, for getting caught, but the more you reveal, the more painful that death will be.

Rule number 5: Never betray the Guild. This one may seem obvious, but it’s honestly astounding how many people shrug it off like it’s nothing. There is no turning your back on the Assassin’s Guild. This is your life now. You will live an assassin and die an assassin. You will either succumb to the weight of the fear bearing down on your shoulders or you will learn how to use violence as a staircase to your success. The choice is yours, but betrayal will lead you nowhere. The Charger will know. He will find you and he will send me after you.

Who am I? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the name Silent Night. I’m sure you know the fear attached to it, but I am also the Charger’s executioner. If you betray the Guild, I will find you. I will bind you. I will drag you to the Grand Cavern by any means necessary. And then I will leave you there to be torn apart by your fellow assassins. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now run along. Heed my advice, if you know what’s good for you, and remember: I will put you down if I need to and you’ll never see or hear me coming. I promise you that.

And that concludes today's Guild Trilogy inspired post! This was nerve-wracking, but fun to write and I hope to do it again someday with a different character. I will be back next week with Part 5 in my self-publishing series which will be on formatting. Hope to see you then!

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