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2019 Third Quarter Goals

Summer is here and I have never been more motivated in writing and life. I’m putting a lot on my plate though, so we’ll see how long this happiness lasts lol.

I accomplished 11/14 writing goals in the last quarter, which is totally a win! I read 7 books, kept up my monthly newsletter, finished the Beta Reading process, wrote blog posts, wrote the 5th draft of Silent Night(and the 6th), sent Silent Night to my Editor, researched Cover Art and chose a cover artist, researched self publishing, watched YouTube videos about writing, started marketing, and continued Project Madness. I also completed 3/5 personal goals.

My goals for this quarter (July, August, and September) are as follows:

  • Read

  • Send out Newsletters with exclusive Silent Night goodies

  • Write blog posts

  • Finish Draft 7 of Silent Night based on Editor feedback

  • Follow my Instagram posting schedule

  • Marketing for Silent Night

  • Create KDP account and everything that goes with that

  • Win Camp Nanowrimo with 30,000 words added to Project Madness

  • Create a Street Team

  • Do a Cover Reveal and Release Date Reveal for Silent Night

  • Open Pre-orders

  • Format Silent Night

  • Order Proofs and proofread

  • Send out Arcs?

  • Not loose my mind

  • Watch YouTube videos about writing

  • Look into other media outlets for my author platforms(Twitter and Goodreads?)

Aside from the above writing related goals, I also have 5 personal goals:

  • Be kind to myself

  • Enjoy my planned vacations

  • Make healthier food choices

  • Stay hydrated

  • Find a new job

  • Stick to my guns if anybody says I can’t be an author

This gives me a total of 23 goals. Can I do it? At this point, I’m almost positive I can. Something is bound to go wrong. I’ll probably have one or two setbacks, but I want to be more ambitious and positive in my life. It’s much too short to worry about every little thing. Mistakes make us human.

I’ll let you guys know how I did in October and in the meantime, you can check out my monthly goal posts on Instagram at emmathewriter, if you’re interested. Or, you can subscribe to my newsletter and get info first hand from yours truly, along with access to my members page : )

Let me know what your guys’ goals are in the comments! Keep in touch and drop me a line if you need advice/encouragement. Have a great summer and as always, keep writing.

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