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Burnout is Real

If you are subscribed to my Newsletter, you will have read this Blog post already as it was the main chunk of my May Newsletter. However, I thought I should add it to my blog posts for others to see and for myself to easily refer back to in the future. It's a short one, but hopefully no less inspiring.

Burnout is real. Self doubt is real. But you are not alone in either of these. Every writer goes through it at one point or another (several points sometimes). It's normal, but it's important to recognize them before they ruin your passion for your project. It took me several days and coaxing from friends and family to realize I had to take a step back from Silent Night (just for a few days, don't worry). And it sucks because it's been with Beta Readers, out of my reach, for months. I was itching to get at it and now, I can't stand the sight of it.

The truth is, I've overwhelmed myself with revisions. Looking at all of my notes has just made my brain shut down and want to throw in the towel, but I've put too much blood, sweat and tears...(okay, no blood. I think) I've worked so hard on this novel though that I can't give up. I couldn't fathom giving up. This is my best work to date, my debut novel, my pride and joy. I can't give up on it now just cuz the going got a little tough. I just have to give it a little space and regroup when I'm ready.

And I've been here before, I know I can get through this. When my CP first gave me her suggestions, I was a wreck of self doubt and at a loss of how to fix the book. Yet, after no small amount of wallowing, I pulled up my socks and kept going. Because that's what writers do. We persevere. Nobody said it was going to be easy. It certainly isn't, but the storms don't last forever, they can't. It's important to remember that, to tell yourself you'll get through, and it's important to reach out if you need some support. There are always people willing to weather the storm with you.

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