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Meet The Cast of Summer's Revenge

Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog post and a new month! As you might have noticed, I took a hiatus from blogs last month because life got crazy busy and I couldn’t keep up with everything. I thank you for your patience and hope to be able to bring you my usual four posts again this month. These will also be recorded on IGTV if you would rather listen to the posts : )

Today I am introducing you all to the lovely cast of Summer’s Revenge! I have done some short introductory posts on Instagram, but I wanted to dive a little deeper in this post. As well, it’ll gather all the character info in one place for people to peruse at their leisure. So, let’s get started shall we?

First up is of course, Isanfier, our main character. Isan is the Crown Prince of Summer, which means he is their heir to the throne. His Uncle Arkenier is the king currently and Isan will take his place upon Arkenier’s death. His inevitable reign is a bit of a difficult topic of conversation for Isan because he’s afraid that he will never be ready for it. He doesn’t think he will be able to fill his Uncle or late parents’ shoes.

Isan’s parents were murdered when he was four years old and he has made it his mission to find their killer and avenge them, but a life of seclusion in the castle hasn’t given him many opportunities to do so. He hopes that bringing their killer to justice will give him the confidence to become king someday.

While Isan has a lot of weight on his shoulders, he is still your typical teenager. At sixteen, he has daily lessons with his tutors and a penchant for causing trouble. He is also an expert swordsman, one of the best in the kingdom, and his weapon of choice is his sword, Ember.

Family is also super important to Isan, as he has very little left, and he would do anything to protect them. He is incredibly loyal, but often drives his sister up the wall with his inane plans and dark moods.

Next up is Princess Skiansy, Isan’s twin sister and arguably his better half. It can be said that Sky is the brains of the pair. She always tries to be the logical one and believes in doing the right thing, even if it’s not easy. She isn’t one for conflict, but she will not hesitate to fight back if provoked.

Sky isn’t as concerned with avenging their parents as Isan is and would be happier if Summer and Winter could find peace with one another. Even still, she is well versed in combat, her weapon of choice being her bow, Tempest. She has been an expert archer from a young age, but she prefers defense over offence.

Sky’s greatest fear in life is being married off to a man she doesn’t like or wish to be with at all. Her Uncle will be the one to choose her suitor and she doesn’t like how powerless that makes her and dreads having her freedom quashed once she becomes a wife. Sky is a dreamer, a bookworm who loves escaping to other worlds. She wants to have a family someday, but she wants to be able to choose her future.

Thirdly, we have Asmund, the eldest son of Lord Arrath of Skar, Summer’s military city. Skar is home to the military academy where all serious knights go to receive their draining. As such, Asmund is a little…rough around the edges. He’s not into finery and he can be brutally honest. He and Isan have been rivals for years and Isan isn’t too happy when Asmund and his siblings arrive at the castle.

Asmund is the eldest of his siblings at twenty years old when the story starts. Arran is fifteen and Aramina is thirteen, though a life in Skar as nobles, along with the death of their mother, has forced the pair to grow up much too fast. Asmund is critical of his brother and protective of his sister, but onlookers wouldn’t exactly call it brotherly love. Asmund had been tapped to become his father’s heir from a young age, but the King could choose any of the three.

Asmund’s main goal in life is to achieve power of some kind and want for nothing. He does wish to become the next Lord of Skar, but if that falls through, he hopes to be able to receive Sky’s hand in marriage and become a Prince Consort. Of course, he may have to go through Isan first, and while he is several years older, Asmund hasn’t been able to best Isan in a duel for years.

The last main character I can introduce in depth without spoilers is King Frost of Winter. Frost is described by many as a tyrant, and its certainly not without merit. He rules his kingdom with a frozen fists and quashes any rebellions that arise with swift violence. As such, it has been decades since anyone has opposed him.

He is a Gifted Immortal, which means he will live forever unless killed. As such, while he is fifty-five years old, he only looks about twenty-five. Frost’s gift is the ability to create and manipulate frost, as his name suggests. One of his tactics is freezing people’s feet to the floor and coating rooms in frost, effectively lowering the temperature to an uncomfortable degree.

Frost has twin children, Icaria and Snowdon, but his wife was murdered ten years before the story began. The killer remains at large and the incident is still a deep wound in Frost’s heart, though you would be hard-pressed to get him to admit it.

Frost is not deterred by the impending war, but rather welcomes it. It is his life goal to do what his ancestors could not and conquer Summer once and for all, no matter what it takes, no matter how many of his people die.

And that pretty much concludes my character intros! Other characters you will meet in the book include Arkenier (the current king of Summer and Isan and Sky’s uncle), Governess Magnolia (Isan and Sky’s great aunt who raised them), Henryk (a Winter noble that Frost employs), and Echo (a girl from the Edgewod the goblins call The Missing One).

I am so excited for you to meet all of them! I hope you enjoyed these insights into the characters and if you have any questions, definitely leave a comment or DM me on Instagram. I am always up for talking about my books. I’ll talk to you guys next week when I will be sharing about my writing space.

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