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Nano 2019 Update

We are officially halfway through Nanowrimo. How is it going for you guys? Whether you’re behind, ahead, or on track, remember, it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty of time to get those words down, but plenty of time to fall behind, so don’t lose focus. Constant vigilance! As mad eye moody would say.

I am somehow ahead after a very rough start and I’m trying not to get overconfident because I know that could backfire in an instant. I changed project ideas 3 days before nano and spent those days frantically penning notes and some semblance of a plan. My project is not a fresh new draft and I think I can attribute some of my success to that. Project Summer is actually the first novel I ever wrote and I am using nano to do the 8th draft. Yes, you heard that right. 8. I originally wrote Project Summer when I was 13 and though I’ve always loved the story, the words are not up to par with my writing. I’ve been rewriting every paragraph and have added lots of scenes and a couple brand new chapters and I’m feeling good about it.

The book stands at around 29,000 words right now and as I type out this blog, I have yet to write for the day. I’m adding 2000 words a day on average and according to the nanowrimo website, I will finish on the 25th, though I plan to keep writing until the end of the month, if not longer to completely finish the draft.

I wrote more words this week than last because I knew I wouldn’t be getting any writing time this weekend. Now, instead of worrying about my word count, I can relax knowing I will still be on track. I think that’s one of the best strategies for nano, writing more when you feel super motivated or have more time so you don’t feel as discouraged if you miss a day.

Beating yourself up doesn’t help anyone.

Nanowrimo isn’t life or death. The nano reaper isn’t going to drag you to down into the underworld if you miss your word count or ‘fail’ nanowrimo.

That’s another thing. You can’t fail nanowrimo. Not really. Every lone word is a victory. Every lone word means you showed up, you made time for yourself, you gave your best effort. Whether you write a thousand words in the whole month or 70,000, you’re a winner and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So that concludes my nano update and pep-talk. There are 15 days left and so much possibility. Give it what you can and above all, have fun. The first draft is probably the most fun you’re going to have apart from holding your finished book (sorry not sorry) so make sure to enjoy it! Don’t let nano turn writing into a chore instead of a habit.

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