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Project Petra Characters

Hello hello! Today I thought it would be fun to share more insights into the characters of Project Petra, even if I won't be working on the book again for a while.I'm going to be sharing about 3 characters from the book - Petra, Wendy, and Captain Pan - and I have aesthetics to go along with them. Ready?

So we have to start with our protagonist, of course. Petra Pan is the leading lady of the book and she is very different from the main characters I've written in the past. The three character traits I would use to describe Petra are curious, loyal, and naive. Petra has grown up in the Never Realm, but she has always dreamed of the land her father and the crew came from - Earth. She loves listening to their stories of London. She also loves exploring and her hear belongs to the ocean. She is very loyal to her found family aboard the Jolly Roger and forms quick bonds with others as well, quickly ready to come to their aid even if she hasn't known them long. This lends itself to Petra's naivety. She often barrels into situations without thinking and she likes to see the best in people, even if she shouldn't. Her favourite thing to do is sit up in the crow's nest of the ship and look out into the open waters with her telescope.

Wendy Darling becomes a new addition to the crew of the Jolly Roger in the early stages of the book. I would describe Wendy as ambitious, stubborn, and kind. She finds herself in a new world and although it isn't easy, she doesn't let it turn her into a curled up ball. She embraces the change and decides to make the most out of the new adventure, soaking up as much knowledge as she can. She can be quite stubborn to when reacting to certain situations and people as she came from a very high upbringing and can't seem to lower some of her standards. Wendy is also a very compassionate person, always trying to care for others. This comes from her role back home as an older sister.

And last, but certainly not least, is Captain Pan, Petra's adoptive father and Captain of the Jolly Roger. His is a character I am very excited to develop. He is based off Captain Hook, but he is not the villain you are used to. I would describe Pan as protective, strong, and determined. Pan was a young Captain when the crew found themselves in the Never Realm, but he didn't use that as an excuse to become a poor leader. He always puts the needs of the crew over his own and over anyone outside the crew, which can sometimes pose problems. As was the case when Wendy arrived. He is strong of mind and body, an excellent harpoon shot and fighter as well as an expert navigator. He is determined to see his crew home, whatever it takes. He would love to be able to see his dear Emilie again someday, but he would sacrifice himself to save the others.

This was surprisingly fun and informative to write, so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Project Petra is of course only in the first draft, so a lot of what I'm telling you now could change, but I think the core ideals will remain the same, as they are what make up a character. Also, let me know what you think of the aesthetics and which of the three characters above you think you would like or relate to the most. I should be bringing you guys some sort of writerly interview next week, so stay tuned and as always, keep writing.

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