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Sacred Ruse Takeaways

Super excited to talk about my latest novel, “Sacred Ruse”, today! I’m going to be discussing the different themes/issues the novel addresses and what I hope readers take away from the book as a whole.

Sacred Ruse was a bit of a different book to write, though it is a continuation of the events in Silent Night. In Silent Night, my main character was essentially stamping down on the part of her that cared, for lack of a better word, and in Sacred Ruse, she has changed a bit, so I had to write about her in a new light, which was interesting. Usually authors start with a moral character, then put them through some questionable things, and in the end they overcome the temptation of the dark side and defeat all. In my two books, it was important to me that I created characters who were not so good and true. I wanted to show that you can start off in a dark hole and rise above it. The Guild Trilogy is not just a journey of war between the Guild and the Resistance, it is also a journey of discovering which side you want to be on, about choosing the ‘right’ side, even when it might not serve you well to do so.

Another important aspect of Sacred Ruse for me, is portraying healthy romances. As a reader, I’ve grown tired of the love triangles and toxic relationships in a lot of fiction these days. I don’t quite understand how this even became a trend, though I was sucked into it myself when it first started. So when I first started taking authorship seriously, I decided I was not going to write love triangles and I was going to do my best to avoid questionable relationships. Sacred Ruse follows a couple romances, one as it blooms and another as it works through some issues that came up in book one. The big thing I want to showcase to my readers, is that communication is crutial to a solid relationship. I also want to write characters that learn and evolve together.

One last thing I want my readers to take away from Sacred Ruse is that resilience is key to withstanding any battle. Whether it is physical or emotional, if you have the will to push forward, you can get through that obstacle. Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t downplay yourself, don’t say it’s too hard or heaven forbid, impossible. And it’s not too late to change if you went down the wrong path in life, but you have to want it. You have to get up every day and fight for the life you envision.

And there you have it. If you want more information on Silent Night and Sacred Ruse, check out the My Books page on this website. I have quotes, synopses, and the covers of course. You can buy both books in paperback on Amazon and in ebook on Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Scribd. If you read it, let me know what you think! I always love to see if my book touched my readers in the way I intended or if they exceeded it.

Anywho, my next blog post will be in November, and I’ll be featuring my editor, so if you’re an author or just curious, don’t forget to check it out!

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