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Writing Community Tag

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be answering a tag created by 2 of my author friends over on Instagram, @peggy_writes and @authorbrittanywang. These two are amazing authors and a wonderful support in this writing community. They each did videos for this tag on their authortube channels, so definitely go check them out : ) Now for the tag...

1. What drove you to find a writing community?

Originally, I posted snippets of my writing, inspirational quotes, and writing advice on my personal account on Instagram, but I wasn't getting the response I wanted. My followers (aside from a few close friends) just didn't seem to care. So I created a writing account in search of support and people with whom I could share my advice and journey.

2. How did you first start getting involved?

My first real interaction with other writers was on Instagram when I created flash fiction stories inspired by image prompts from at writing_is_my_anchor who was always telling us to, "Write this story," and so I did. From there, I joined writing challenges and other activities.

3. What has been your favourite online platform for writing community?

Instagram. It's very easy to connect with people, especially with the direct message feature and stories. I also enjoy the Lives because it makes it feel more like 'real' life. I have found such an amazing community of supportive writers.

4. What are some best practices for connecting and interacting with other writers online?

Be yourself.

Be authentic.

Don't just ask for help, give it too. Simply put, don't be someone who always takes and never offers anything in return. It's about balance.

5. What other platforms do you want to try?

As you can see, I've branched into blogging, though I'm not sure if that's a platform per se. Next on my list is YouTube and possibly Twitter, though it seems a bit complicated.

6. Have you made any writing friends in person? If so, how?

I have been lucky to meet several IRL writing friends through the writing group at my local library. I have made 2 close friends there who have read my work extensively and offer advice. I do the same for them, and am even working on a collaborative project with one. Seriously, if you're looking for writing friends to talk to in person, visit your local library.

7. How has the community helped you in your writing journey so far?

I have gained so much confidence through the support of this community. I have the courage now to say I am an author (even though I am not yet published) and these people give me strength to keep writing and keep pushing through. You guys are amazing.

8. What platforms are you on?

You guys can find me here on my Blog, on Instagram at emmathewriter and on Wattpad at emma_the_writer_

9. Shoutouts!

I want to shout out Jenna Moreci for her amazing YouTube videos which were basically my first ever writing research.

Then I want to shout out Bruna (the_writers_journey on Instagram) for her dedication to the Pondering Writing Retreat, through which I gained more community.

And Rebecca Kelsey Sampson who is so inspiring and so motivational, and just a bad-ass woman. You are amazing girl.

10. Tag!

I tag any of you reading this who wish to try it. Let me know if you do, and where to find your answers!

Hope you guys enjoyed that : ) Have an awesome day and keep writing.

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