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Writing Contest Feature

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I host bi-weekly flash fiction contests where people can comment up to a 5 sentence story based on the image prompt I post. Winners are featured on my story for 24 hours. This year, I decided to choose a grand winner based off of all the winning entries throughout the year. I ended up with one winner chosen by my followers and one winner chosen by me. Today I am featuring the two winning stories and giving you a small insight into their writers. So let’s go.

Our first winner – as chosen by me – is Stephanie with her story dubbed “Ghost Ships”. You can find Stephanie on Instagram @ bookslesstravelled. She does a lot of book reviewing and beta reading and takes amazing bookstagram photos. I'm also a huge fan of the aesthetics she makes for some of the books she reads. Her winning entry is as follows:

“The night the ships arrived, she knew her fate was sealed. For it was said that one born of starlight and sea would meet their end when the ghost ships returned, that they would not be among the living when the sun set the night of their seventeenth birthday. And they were right, in all but one way. Because what they didn’t know was that the child of prophecy was only beginning to write her story among the stars and sea.”

Our second winner – as chosen by the people – is Cait Elise with her story dubbed “Skeleton War”. Cait-Elise resides in the sunny state of Florida with her husband and four fur babies. She has a passion for helping others and telling their stories, and is currently working on a contemporary women's ficiton novel complete with a romantic subplot she's obsessed with. When she isn't tucked away om her little creative corner, trapped in an endless loop of writing/procrastinating, Cait can be found staring at nature and sometimes even the occasional book. Follow along with her on Instagram @ thecaitelise for updates on her novel and writing journey. Cait's winning entry is as follows:

“With one last deftly aimed arrow, the curse was broken. Weapons slipped from crumbling fingers and bones clattered to the ground. Fires scourged in the distance, devouring our homes, but we were finally free. The dead no longer had a hold on our fair city. After two centuries, it was ours once more.”

I hope you enjoyed this little feature. Give these ladies a follow on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing more from them, and don’t forget to check out my contests. I am doing them on the first Friday of every month now. Who knows, you might just be featured on the blog next January : ) Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next blog post which will be the first in a series on self-publishing steps.

(Contest photos are from Pinterest. Other photos were provided by the two winners)

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